Hey, I will not tell this dude’s wife that he my Bitch..

There are a lot of guys that love shemale porn… some people think it the know gay guys that are all into shemale… But to be honest… A lot of so-called str8 guys love to view my Hardcore Shemale Porn Videos… Some are even married… LOL like this Tranny Chaser here… This Tranny Chaser dude found my exclusive Film Studio in Northern Suburb’s of Atlanta Beg to get with me… I told him I don’t sleep with every dick that want to come out and get with me.. But  I the Big Dick Bitch (TS Madison)  will give him a shot if he does this on film… Have thru the scene of him sucking my Black Tranny Dick off.. I pulled his Mask off and say… Smile to the fucking camera… Bitch… But, I will not tell your wife… I promise… Then I gave him the best black tranny dick he ever had… See More>>>>

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