Apr 302014

Retraining a T.R.A.D.E. that is what TS Madison is doing… Teaching a student again how to obey and follow her commands.. She taught this guy how to crave and be a slave to some tranny cock… Particularly to her Hung 11 inch tranny cock.. I made him get on all fours and get this dick… then I turn around and told him to eat my ass.. He did a Good Job… The I laid him on his back and fuck him on the floor… if you want to see more of this Exotic Hardcore Tranny Porn scene? >>>Click Here<<<

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Apr 282014

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Mar 292014

TS Madison has became 2013 and now 2014 Most know Black Shemale doing Vine Videos… She currently have on 77k followers there… Well one of her followers came down to her Atlanta Home to visit her… Well he got more than just a visit…. She gave him some good ass head…. She deep throat his cock…. Watch the video of TS Madison sucking him off and then getting her phat 50” inch ass dick down… See More? Click Here…




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Mar 022014

Well its been a Long time coming But I’m Glad to say I think Ive almost met my Equal! Now as you All know Im the kind of Girl that most men want! I’m cute in the Face and Thick EVERYWHERE else! So it should not come as a surprise to anyone that another TITAN in the porn Industry would want to come lay it down on THE BIG DICK BITCH! DRILLA is a Chicago native that Lives in NYC and has one of the BIGGEST Dicks on the east coast! Not to mention that he has shot some great scenes with other Porn stars and Companies but it was just something bout my extra Hood ASS that made him HAVE TO HAVE ME! This is his first scene with a TRANSGENDERED WOMAN so he said why not stir it up and Dick down the Best in the Bizness?….. I must say he did come thru and represent CHICAGO very very well! there are MULTIPLE nuts busted in this movie!…I mean….MULTIPLE.. Want to know More? CLICK HERE…

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Jan 062014




It seems as though My T.R.A.D.E Training course has taken off and created a new Wave of Men who have become more and more free to openly indulge in their Love for Transgender Women!!! It comes as no surprise that my Movement made an impact the way it did because nobody is more in ya face than the Big Dick Bitch!….Well Today I had a new sign up to the course who went by the name “The Perfect Gentleman”, He called himself that because he came to the studio bearing Gifts and sporting one of my famous T-shirts saying BIGDICKBITCH.COM!! and explained to my camera crew that he loved me more than anything in the world and could not wait to be properly T.R.A.D.E. Trained by me LOL…He was young, Tall, slim ,and Handsome and I later found out he had a Long Black Dick that had never been touched by tranny ass or Lips! I was really excited to take him through the course because he was a virgin to the whole lifestyle and wanted to learn how to do it the proper way and by the baddest bitch!….Well it turned out that “The Perfect Gentleman” wasn’t no Gentleman at all LOL…He fucked this mouth….pounded this ass and bust a big fat thick nut all over me and when I thought he was done He got right next to me and milked this big dick like a farmers cow!…this has to be the best pupil I’ve had thus far in the course, but who knows….maybe next time it could be you!…

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