Jul 282016

TS Madison AKA the “Big Dick Bitch” is one of the hottest shemale pornstars in the business.. a complete success with her own website… She has shot porn a lot of black dudes that think they can throw some hard hung dick her way… Some comes up correct but others don’t even meet her match… So in this latest update on her solo shemale pornsite… We have the Big Dick Bitch Vs. The Devil… Yes the devil himself…. We had to go str8 to hell to get this matchup together… LOL when she found out about this matchup, she was like ok letz bring it on… She put those full juicy lips on his dick and started to suck him dry… After that she sat her phat 55 inch black ass on him while he was siting on the couch… She hang in on her own for a while bouncing on his black dick.. The she bent over and let him power drive his black cock up in her tight ass hole… Bang, Bang and Bang… It was a good tranny fuck… Want to see more… click On the link and see more of the Big Dick Bitch VS. The Devil…

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Jul 262016

Truly there is truly one and only WAY to Fuck a BIG DICK BITCH and that is the RIGHT WAY….. be that as it may, This long dick Dude right here thought of a straightforward Four stage plan…. In step 1 he says you got the chance to Tease me with the Dick, make my rear end and mouth water for it ! At that point he Moves on to step 2 which is making me Suck the long mother lover like a Blow pop! By step 3 it ought to shock no one the tables betray him cause he began worshiping this Big 58inch ass and I had no other decision however to surrender it so he can play out A 2part tomSTEP 4 which was fucking me down and busting NUTS!!!!! See what he neglected to let yall know was that the genuine STEP 1 is having that CASH on Demand cause NONE OF THIS BIG DICK BITCH LOVING is free!! Money rules…..you got a few? hit me up Tsmadison@bigdickbitch.com

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Apr 302014

Retraining a T.R.A.D.E. that is what TS Madison is doing… Teaching a student again how to obey and follow her commands.. She taught this guy how to crave and be a slave to some tranny cock… Particularly to her Hung 11 inch tranny cock.. I made him get on all fours and get this dick… then I turn around and told him to eat my ass.. He did a Good Job… The I laid him on his back and fuck him on the floor… if you want to see more of this Exotic Hardcore Tranny Porn scene? >>>Click Here<<<

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